Academy – Bonded for Life

A light hearted account of times and travails of an NDA Cadet. How young boys, barely out of school, learn to cope with a grueling military routine, gradually transforming into young military leaders. The junior terms, where every aspect of life is under supervision. Where the slightest of transgressions result in hours of misery. Where every senior seems to be eight feet tall, with only one purpose in life- to make yours miserable. Where bicycles ride you more often than you ride them, and horses take a perverse pleasure inn throwing you off. Bonds of friendship are forged on the hot furnace of concrete floors in the battalion area, cemented over Swiss rolls in the cafe.
Time passes, you start taking the rough with the smooth in your stride. Then the ascent up the ladder of seniority. Growing swagger, confidence and fitness with each passing term. Camps that stretch your endurance to its limits. Fun and games punctuated with occasional interventions by the officialdom resulting in Sunday trips to Sinhgarh. PT Tests, Swimming Tests, Academic Tests, Liberties and passing out parade. Stronger, wiser and a couple of inches taller you pass out under the quarterdeck and move on to the next stage in your service.
But you leave a piece of you behind. And you take away a bit of the Academy with you, deeply embedded in your psyche. It reflects in everything you do, and remains with you for the rest of your life.

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