Riding the Raisina Tiger


He never expected to be the Chief of Army Staff. But now that he was there, he would do exactly what he thought was right.

A Prime Minister who is fighting for his government’s survival. A country plagued by corruption, failing economy and internal strife. A population that is disillusioned with it’s leaders.

Would he succumb too? Like others, take the path of least resistance?

This is the story of what happens when one man decides to take things into his own hands, and act in what he thinks is best in national interest.


Gen Ajay Raghavan is an upright no-nonsense soldier who is looking forward to retired life. A series of unexpected events propel him to the position of the Army Chief. He gets into confrontation with the Prime Minister who is trying to survive in power amidst massive corruption scams and popular protests. Raghavan realizes that government decisions are being driven by political considerations and personal interests even at the cost of sacrificing national interest. When he learns that the government is planning to enter into an agreement with Pakistan that would be irrevocably unfavourable to the country and the army, he decides to take things into his own hands.

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