Professional Canvas



1988 – Graduation – Multidisciplinary BA from Jawaharlal Nehru University through National Defence Academy, Pune.
2005 – Post Graduation – MSc (Strategic Planning & Defence Studies) from Chennai University through Defence Services Staff College, Wellington.
2007 – Diploma in Data Security, Communication & Networking from NIIT, New Delhi.
2008 – Diploma in Project Management from CMC, New Delhi.
2009 – Diploma in Cyber Security from CDAC, New Delhi.


Have qualified as “Instructor”* in the following military courses:-

Automotive Instructor’s Course.
Quartermaster’s Course.
Junior Command Course.
Automatic Data Processing (Systems Analysis & Programming).
Defence Services Staff Course.

* Implies recommended for posting back to the conducting institute as instructor.

Key Assignments

Staff Officer in Military Operations Directorate

Last assignment was at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence in the Military Operations Directorate. Was working on analysis based policy formulation relating to futuristic equipment and Human Resource Management for the Indian Army. Was intimately involved with the formulation of the Army’s 11th Five Year Plan and Long Term Perspective Plan. Received two decorations for meritorious service in this assignment.
Developed ability to quickly assimilate key issues on complex matters, analyse options available with possible implications of each and suggest optimal course.
Gained intimate understanding of the government and ministries at functional level.
Experience gained can be applied towards strategic planning in any organisation.

Intelligence Officer in Field Formation

Was responsible for collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of intelligence for an independent sector on the Indo-Tibet border located in High Altitude.

o   Ability to synthesize large amount of data received from diverse sources to distil useful information, cutting out noise.

o   Ability to present available information in a rapidly digestible form for benefit of planners at highest level and executers at lowest level.

o   Ability to function effectively under extreme conditions and intense pressure.

o   Experience gained can be applied for effective information management in competitive business environment.

Aide-De-Camp to the Army Commander

Personal Staff Officer (akin to Executive Assistant) to Army Commander Western Command, the second highest ranking officer in military hierarchy. Was responsible for providing professional, logistics and protocol / ceremonial support to the Army Commander. Got intimate exposure to planning and decision making process at the highest level.
Extensive networking at various levels with military and civil administration.
Insight into strategic planning process.
Enhanced confidence for conducting professional and social events at highest levels.

Troop Leader / Squadron Commander

As a junior leader solely responsible for the men and equipment under my command, learnt to manage both towards optimal performance and realization of organisational goals. Job involved practical application of all functions of management including Planning, Operations, HR, Training, Communications and Logistics, often under extremely adverse conditions.
Ability to take decisions and shoulder responsibility for the same.
Ability for clear, concise communications on a one to one and one to many basis.
Management of time, planning and organising training.
Man management – ability to pick up right people for a job, to monitor execution, and ensure high morale resulting in better performance.
Counselling and Mentoring.
Leadership by personal example.

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